XR: A Whole New World

Learn the basics of XR, including safety and privacy.

Do you love virtual reality, Tiktok, online gaming, social media?

We do too, but there are security risks in all of these. Come learn about how cool and helpful virtual reality is and how to stay safe when using these devices.

The CyberXR Coalition invites Girl Scout Daisies through Ambassadors to discover the fascinating world of XR (known as Extended Reality) which consists of AR (Augmented Reality, VR (Virtual Reality), and MR (Mixed Reality). Girl Scouts and their families will learn the basics of XR (even beyond gaming and social media). We’ll also discuss how to safely navigate and have fun exploring the latest, emerging technologies. This virtual workshop includes an interactive activity for girls followed by an informative parent session for Q&A on everyday situations and tips on what to do now that you’ve bought that new tech-enabled device.

Note: Badge steps will be completed during this event. 

The first hour is for caregivers and girls, the second half-hour is for caregivers only. This is for all ages, but might be better suited for Junior – Ambassador troop levels. This covers Cybersecurity Badge 1 step 4, Badge 2 steps 1-5, and Badge 3 step 3

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