Year One

  • In 2020, the CyberXR Coalition strategically positioned itself as the leading, global entity to take on the task to set specific targets to create better representation and decrease barriers of entry for historically marginalized populations in XR, cybersecurity, and spatial computing. CyberXR launched the first Immersive Technology Standards featuring four initial pillars: Accessibility, Diversity & Inclusion, Ethics & Awareness, and Trust & Safety.
  • During our first year, the CyberXR Coalition was the leading authority and authentic voice to ensure diversity and inclusion was at the forefront of key discussions on equity and accessibility.
  • Furthermore, CyberXR challenged the big tech notion of “creating the next best thing” solely for the sake of innovation, but instead, encouraged a human-centric concept to be firmly baked into critical frameworks within all emerging technology. 
  • We focused on intentionally influencing a global effort on awareness and impact as agents to change for people of the global majority.


  • Actively feature and celebrate trailblazers, unsung (s)heroes, thought leaders, and leading influencers of underrepresented populations in emerging technology (either individually or collectively).
  •  The CyberXR Coalition continues to boldly take on the challenge to lead the narrative and shift the mindsets towards a more human-centric design in all areas of business.  
  • We’ll further expand our commitment to building safe and inclusive immersive environments as we focus on additional core principles such as privacy, security, a sense of belonging, to name a few.
  • We remain uniquely positioned to present practical perspectives to reimagine the “new normal” for the future of work in emerging technologies.
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