Cyber XR Coalition

Helping Build Safe and Inclusive Digital Experiences


“It’s really easy to look away. But to make good choices we have to understand the impact. If we turn away, the choices still get made; they just don’t get made by people who care or understand.”

We are the people who care.

We are the ones who understand how choices should be made.

We are The Coalition.

We are at one of the most critical moments in human history – a crossroads between emerging technologies, data sciences, and cybersecurity – fueled by a renewed, global necessity of diversity and inclusion (D&I) in each domain.

The Cyber-XR Coalition has been formed specifically to address the need for diversity and inclusion in both the cybersecurity and XR domain while bringing the two together to address social and technical biases in emerging technologies to build safer and inclusive ecosystems for all.

Launched by the XR Safety Initiative (XRSI) and led by April Boyd-Noronha, the coalition is formed by founding members, including: