The CyberXR Coalition is a diversity & inclusion effort by XR safety Initiative (XRSI). The coalition was formed in 2020 to address the global necessity of diversity, equity, and inclusion in the cybersecurity and XR domains. The main goal of the coalition is to address social and technical biases in emerging technologies that foster a sense of belonging for all. The CyberXR Coalition is uniquely positioned as the leading global entity to create better representation and decrease entry barriers for historically marginalized populations. The Coalition launched the first novel Immersive Technology Standards for Accessibility, Ethics, Inclusion & Safety.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Make sure no one is left behind.


Equitable access and participation in the Digital Society, as well as foster an authentic sense of belonging.

Ensure privacy and security

Ensure privacy and security.

Protect identities

Persons must be able to participate in the digital society no matter their gender, ethnicity, birthplace, or cultural or political beliefs, ensuring discrimination and biases are mitigated and not further reinforced.

Keep everyone safe

Establish, maintain rules and practices that enable trusting and resilient immersive environment

Build new rules to promote trust and ethical practices

Developing new, flexible, participatory governance mechanisms to complement traditional policy and regulation in a domain that’s in a state of constant Evolution.

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